Thanks to our patented rehabilitation program, you may recover quickly and then live an active lifestyle.

The unique rehabilitation complex includes:

  • Therapeutic and preventive procedures
  • Using the principles of clinical neurophysiology and developing kinesiology programs 
  • Individual physiotherapy, group classes, exercises in the gym

The program was highly appreciated by doctors and patients. A special place among our patients is occupied by those with cerebral palsy.

A proven technology of rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy helps to improve not only the physical condition but also mental abilities of patients. Absolving a treatment course helps improving coordination in space, activates motor skills, strengthens muscles and builds pathological reflexes, and patients become more self-reliant. Our center has a specialized walking laboratory, in which the 3D-visualization of physical activity takes place.
The key to our success of improving the quality of life of patients with cerebral palsy is based on a comprehensive approach along with a high-tech diagnostics.
A special course of treatment is developed for patient, which includes surgery, neuro-rehabilitation, physical therapy and balneotherapy.
Center for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation
in Prague